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Why I Love February


General norm says to save the best ’till last, but if something’s that good, why make people wait unnecessarily? So I think the thing I love most about February is the sense that, although we are still in the long, but enjoyable, winter, spring is definitely on it’s way to us. The days are much longer – I’ve been leaving the house in daylight each morning! – there are times when you can feel the warm tendrils of heat from the sun flicker across your face, and of course, the seas of pure snowdrops transforming gardens and roadsides.
I know a lot of people don’t like Valentine’s Day, and I’m always in two minds about it, but I think I love it; the sentiment even if not all the expensive tacky gifts. In my 17 years I have received 5 Valentine’s cards (if you don’t count the friendship ones which my best friend and I did). 2 which I reciprocated from my childminder’s son when I was a toddler, one from a boy in the infants who made me and my best friend matching ones, though he later indicated that he preferred her, and two accompanied by chocolate, again reciprocated, from my then-boyfriend. This year it was on a Saturday, and it was the holidays so no orchestra, so I spend the day at my boyfriend’s house, curled up under a blanket watching rom-coms, and got given roses for the first time which was beautiful.
Like October, February brings with it a Half Term holiday, and since the May one is in exam period anyway, this really was my last. I didn’t do much, but as always it was a much┬áneeded week off.
Another thing which (usually) starts in February is the run up to Easter. I love having pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, personally I eat mine with either lemon and demarera sugar, or syrup. I usually give something up for Lent, this year I am stopping buying food or drink when I’m out (details are a bit more complex than that, but I have set very strict guidelines). I’m finding it hard at the moment, but hopefully I’ll get used to it, and I do get a real sense of satifaction knowing that I can resist temptation, even if I need a purpose in order to do so.

That’s all for now, see you in March ­čÖé

Oh no, nearly forgot a song. I really struggled to decide on one, none stood out so I ended up closing my eyes, thinking┬áFebruary┬áand seeing what song came into my head. It was one I hadn’t listened to in a while, and it seemed right, so don’t ask me why but this month’s song is Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran.