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Why I Love May


May brings with it many opportunities for gardening. I love planting flowers, watching them grow and seeing the garden change everyday. Our garden is one of my Mum’s greatest prides, and I have always enjoyed helping her out, although in recent years I’ve not been able to do that as much, as I’ve had to focus on exams.
That brings me on to another big thing about May, exams. Now even I can’t say I love exams, they are tough. But it is good to get on Study Leave and have a bit of space. Also, by the beginning of May I kind of just want to get the exams started, rather than the frustrating revising-but-not-wanting-to-run-out-of-work-too-soon.
Around this time of year I always have an urge to go out doing exercise and get fit. Needless to say, I always manage to overcome this urge when TV and cake are on offer, but it is nice to go outside a bit without several layers of coat.
May also contains what is probably the second most expensive day of the year for me; the Birthdays of my Mum and two best friends, all on the same day. This year especially was a big one, with my friends turning 18, but it’s always worth the money when I see them enjoying the presents I’ve spent so long planning (and wishing I could keep for myself).

I apparently have many songs for May, and have struggled to narrow it down, but in the end it had to be Maymorning by Runrig. It’s a great song and reminds me of May for obvious reasons, and this video was especially fitting as the photos are from where my Mum, with her May Birthday and gardening times, grew up.


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Why I Love April


The stereo-type of April is April Showers, all drizzly and damp. But it seems to me that April often has quite nice weather really. Not consistently, but we usually get the first properly warm week or so of the year. And even when it does rain, it’s warmer and I don’t mind it too much (although I did more when i had to walk top and from school every day).

For me, April is a big month, with it being my Birthday. For a couple of years it was even more so when mine and my then-boyfriend’s Birthdays and our anniversary were all in April, this year my focus was back on mine (but I did still enjoy his party). I always enjoy my Birthday (who doesn’t?), due to weekends and Easter holidays I’ve only ever had a few of my Birthdays on a school day, so I generally open presents in the morning, see family or friends, get to choose what I want for tea, I usually have a party some time around my Birthday, all very nice. But this year was a very big one, my 18th, and my parents went all out. My Nana came to stay, one of my sisters came home, on the day before my Birthday we all (my boyfriend too) went on a surprise (for me) trip to Manchester where my other sister, who’d told me she couldn’t come home, met us (that was one surprise which I did guess slightly before), we had a meal in a fancy restaurant, then went to see Jesus Christ Superstar. On my Birthday itself two of my cousins and various family friends came round. And then the following weekend it was my party, I had a ceilidh with loads of my friends which was great fun, although I drank slightly too much. The only slight downside is, as my sister pointed out, this was probably the biggest Birthday I’ll ever have in terms of parties and the very generous presents I got, so all my future Aprils may not be quite so full of celebration.

Of course Easter usually happens in April, which I always enjoy, and the holidays are a welcome, chocolate-filled break.

My song for April is my  favourite Easter song from when I was at Primary School, Now The Green Blade Rises.

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Why I love March


Probably the thing I love most about March is the flowers. Daffodils and crochi (that’s right, I use the Latin plural) are coming out everywhere; my front ‘garden’ is just a sea of tete-a-tete daffodils, and if I think of my mum, one of the things that would quickly come to mind is buying daffodils every week to have in the house. And in the past week I’ve started to see blossom trees coming into bloom, which are just lovely.
In fact it is just nice having everything that bit brighter, there’s a Spring feel to the air which could almost be called warmth – until it starts hailing again to remind you that it’s not Summer yet.
Nothing much important has happened this March, a few concerts and Birthdays, the inevitable moment for this time of year when you realise how close exams are and how much revision needs to be done. I’ve also had University Offer Holder Days, which meant travelling to Devon for a weekend, then back to Yorkshire for two days, then down to Bristol and back in a day! I was jealous of my sister who came to both Open Days as my ‘parent’ but went to London in between, which is much more en route.

The song which I’m going to dedicate to March is Cave In by Owl City. I was introduced to this song by an old friend who’s Birthday is in March, so she seems like a March person to me. It also has a very open, happy feeling to it, which I think reflects the freshness and new possibilities which Spring brings. Oh dear, you vcan tell I’ve been doing too much Art analysis!

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Why I Love February


General norm says to save the best ’till last, but if something’s that good, why make people wait unnecessarily? So I think the thing I love most about February is the sense that, although we are still in the long, but enjoyable, winter, spring is definitely on it’s way to us. The days are much longer – I’ve been leaving the house in daylight each morning! – there are times when you can feel the warm tendrils of heat from the sun flicker across your face, and of course, the seas of pure snowdrops transforming gardens and roadsides.
I know a lot of people don’t like Valentine’s Day, and I’m always in two minds about it, but I think I love it; the sentiment even if not all the expensive tacky gifts. In my 17 years I have received 5 Valentine’s cards (if you don’t count the friendship ones which my best friend and I did). 2 which I reciprocated from my childminder’s son when I was a toddler, one from a boy in the infants who made me and my best friend matching ones, though he later indicated that he preferred her, and two accompanied by chocolate, again reciprocated, from my then-boyfriend. This year it was on a Saturday, and it was the holidays so no orchestra, so I spend the day at my boyfriend’s house, curled up under a blanket watching rom-coms, and got given roses for the first time which was beautiful.
Like October, February brings with it a Half Term holiday, and since the May one is in exam period anyway, this really was my last. I didn’t do much, but as always it was a much needed week off.
Another thing which (usually) starts in February is the run up to Easter. I love having pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, personally I eat mine with either lemon and demarera sugar, or syrup. I usually give something up for Lent, this year I am stopping buying food or drink when I’m out (details are a bit more complex than that, but I have set very strict guidelines). I’m finding it hard at the moment, but hopefully I’ll get used to it, and I do get a real sense of satifaction knowing that I can resist temptation, even if I need a purpose in order to do so.

That’s all for now, see you in March 🙂

Oh no, nearly forgot a song. I really struggled to decide on one, none stood out so I ended up closing my eyes, thinking February and seeing what song came into my head. It was one I hadn’t listened to in a while, and it seemed right, so don’t ask me why but this month’s song is Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran.