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Why I love January


I surely can’t just be me who feels sorry for the bad press that January seems to get? Fair enough, it may seem a little bleak after all the excitement of Christmas, we’re ready for spring but we still have long winter months stretching out ahead of us, but I still like it.
I mentioned New Year’s Eve being an excellent end to December, well, provided you don’t drink to much on 31st December, it can make just as good a start to January. Admittedly my fist hour or so of 2015 wasn’t great, standing in the cold, busy centre of town, looking after my rather drunk friend until the person she was meeting arrived. But once she was safe we could relax and enjoy ourselves again. I walked home with four friends, singing as we went to entertain ourselves, then we got home and ate crisps, chips and cake, then watched Love Actually before going to bed at about 5am.
I’ve also had a pretty sociable month (for me); I might be becoming a ‘proper’ teenager at last! I went to an 18th Birthday party a week for the first four weekends, then on the fifth I was up in Scotland seeing my sisters. It’s been really nice to see friends and meet new people, especially as I’m so busy working at college.
As you can see from the photo, we’ve had quite a lot of snow this January, which has meant me missing college or rehearsals a few times. But as much as other people are ‘sensible’ about snow and find it ‘inconvenient’, the child in me still loves it. I can still remember the excitement of waking up to my sisters calling that school was canceled, looking out my window to see the garden blanketed in white, going sledging with my friends, and the way everyone seems friendlier when we’re stuck in the village, outside enjoying or bemoaning the snow.
I love seeing the sunrise in the morning, but it’s happening slightly earlier every day, and once again I’m being able to actually see the house when I come home in the evening. It is nice to have that little confirmation that the days are in fact getting longer.
One thing which has struck me about the different seasons is the change in my habits. I chose the place for the monthly photo because it’s a good photo location, but also somewhere I often walk to, and around spring and summer it’s a perfect 40 minute break to wander there and back. The walk doesn’t seem quite so appealing in the cold and snow, even as a much needed break from coursework.
Finally though, one of the things I love most about January is the optimism that the start of the year brings. All the bad from last year can be put behind us, and we can focus on the year ahead, in which anything could happen.

My song for this month is Mid-Winter’s Night by Blackmore’s Night. Yes, I know it’s a lie, Mid Winter is in December, but it still feels more January like and it’s a nice song from my childhood.