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Winter Kindness part 2

(Read part 1 first here)

Yesterday, as I said in the previous post, I was thinking about small, random acts of kindness, and then I came across a post by a Facebook page I follow, Kissing Fish (whatever your views on Christianity, I recommend having a look at this page, you may well be surprised at what you find). This post linked to a blog post by Make Me Happy Today, which has a free download of a ‘Kindness Advent Calendar’. I’m not going to repeat everything said in the post, I recommend you all go and look at it here. I think this is a beautiful, fantastic idea – I kind of wish I’d thought of it, it’s just so lovely. I shall definitely be doing it this year, and since day one is to share the calendar with other people, I’m doing well at it so far.

If you are a Christian, then advent is a time of preparation, of looking forward to Christmas and the coming of Jesus. It’s a time of looking for peace, and spreading joy to all people. I often think that Christian celebrations in the western world have become commercialised, and made all about self and not others. I do have a chocolate advent calendar, but do I really need a little piece of chocolate every morning in order to prepare myself for Christmas? Isn’t loving all other people, and spreading that love and happiness a far better way of embodying the Christmas spirit, and making myself open to Jesus?

I have made this a lot about my religion, but the original post was not, and I think non-Christians who celebrate Christmas will see a lot of their values and Christmas spirit in what I have said. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I would still recommend looking at the calendar, and choosing and 25 days to try and do these acts of kindness.

A little kindness can go a long way, and remember, happiness is like jam – you can’t spread even a little without getting some on yourself. So Happy Advent, and I hope you can all go out and bring joy to the people around you.


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Winter Kindness part 1

I am very busy with deadlines, applications and music rehearsals at the moment, so I will keep this brief, but this post felt like it was just meant to happen.

I’ve written before about the power of small acts of kindness in making the world a better and happier place, and when things happen to me I often want to write about them but don’t get round to it. But today there were two occasions when a stranger was kind to me, and although they weren’t big things, they really made me happy.

This morning I was sitting at my desk, which is next to a big window overlooking the road, and I saw the postman walking up the path to my front door holding a package. I’ve been expecting something from my friend in Manchester, so I ran downstairs and opened the door as the postman was putting the package down in the porch, so he handed it to me and said ‘ahh, you were expecting it’. I smiled, but then saw that it was addressed to my housemate, not me, so I told him it wasn’t what I’d been hoping for – just as a way of making conversation. I thanked him and went back upstairs, and as I sat back down I saw that he had gone back to his trolley and was searching through the bag of parcels, presumably to see if he’d missed one for me. He didn’t find one but it was so nice that he cared enough to check.

Later I was walking in to uni. It was very cold today so I’d decided to wear my hat that looks like a penguin. I walked past some workmen on their break and one of them said ‘Is that a penguin on your hat?’ I replied that it was, and he said ‘That’s quality that, I love penguins.’ Again, this was just a nice interaction with a friendly stranger.

These two people probably didn’t think twice about what they did or said, but it stayed with me all day. But I try to do things for others too. This morning there was a very heavy frost, so I ran outside to look at it and take photos and enjoy the closest thing to snow we’re likely to get in Bristol. Our porch door had frosted over, so I scratched ‘good morning’ reversed into it, so my housemates would see it when they left the house, and one of them told me that that had made her day. It’s so easy to do little things that make other people happy.


Continued tomorrow…

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The Best Christmas Ever!

I love Christmas. I could go on and on about all the amazing things about Christmas, but that’s not what this post is about. Today is Advent Sunday, the (official) start of Advent and I’ve been starting to get that Christmassy feeling. I love that feeling, and this year in particular I need to really harness that feeling and keep it going.

Why particularly this year, you ask? Well a few months ago I decided, for a couple of reasons, that this Christmas should be extra awesome, the Best Christmas Ever!

Last Christmas was nice, but it wasn’t a completely cheerful one. It was the first Christmas and New Year since my best friend had died, and followed not long after by the anniversary of her death, so it was always going to be a hard few months, feeling her absence particularly strongly. But then my Grandma died at the beginning of December, so all in all we had a good time, but weren’t in the most celebratory mood, and there wasn’t the same exciting build up to Christmas, so I want to make up for that.

But then my Dad said something to me about how Christmas does just get less exciting as you grow up. As I have already mentioned (and will probably keep mentioning) this is my last year of being a child, so this is sort of my last hurrah as it were, I accept that things aren’t the same as you get older, but I want one last go at the childish excitement of Christmas.

However, as much as I want this, I’m not sure how possible it will be. My December is already looking very full up, and although a lot of it is going to be fun and Christmassy, I also have some stressful things coming up (like important university interview less than a fortnight) and I’m not sure I’ll have a moment’s rest even to watch all my favourite Christmas films!

Oh well, we can but hope. I am intending to post a Christmassy blog post on each Sunday of advent, so I’ll see you next week if not before 🙂