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Marrying your Dad

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Psychologically speaking, people are often likely to marry people who are similar to their parents. A lot of people disagree with this or say that it’s weird, but I personally think it makes perfect sense. I don’t agree with all the Freudian nonsense of children wanting to sleep with their parents, castration fear, etc. etc., but it when you grow up and get married, in a way your spouse does replace the role your parents played when you were younger. You live with them, tell them everything, ask for their advice, they look after you. Obviously it’s not all the same, but there are similarities. And also, generally speaking your parents marriage/relationship is where you first learn about relationships, so it often becomes your internal template of what you subconsciously are looking for in a partner.

When I was with my ex-boyfriend I used to often point out things he did which were like my Dad, things from them both telling the exact same terrible joke, to when were on DofE and he was taking charge of the map. He never liked me saying that, thought it was creepy, but I didn’t. There were enough differences for it to not actually be like I was dating my own Father, but my Dad is one of the coolest guys I know. He is a great man, husband and Father, I generally get on with him very well, and I will be happy if I can find someone like him to one day marry.

Today is Fathers’ Day in the UK, USA and Canada, so I hope any Dads reading this are having a great day and being treated by your children 🙂


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