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Things I Knew

Generally, as we get older, we become wiser, and learn things, so the older we get, the more we know. However sometimes learning actually has the opposite effect, so there are things which I once thought I knew for certain, but I’m now not so sure about. So here are some things about the adult world which I used to know:

  • Adults know what they’re doing
  • My parents are always right
  • Parents always do what’s best for their children
  • Nice people vote Labour
  • Politicians can be trusted
  • Adults never fall out
  • I will succeed in anything I try
  • Bullying stops after school
  • Everyone gets what they want in life – love, jobs etc.
  • Marriage is forever
  • War is always wrong
  • Things won’t change in the world
  • Anything can be sorted out by the Government
  • It’s very rare for young people to die
  • Everything ends well

And basically, I always thought I knew how my life would pan out, it seemed simple to just finish school, do A-Levels, go to whichever uni I chose, graduate, get a job, get married, live in a lovely house with secure incomes and three perfect children, and we all live happily ever after.

These are all things I once believed, but the many things I’ve learnt have proven them wrong.


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In less than a month…

In less than a month I will turn 18, which means that I will legally become an adult. Now I know that in reality that doesn’t mean very much. I won’t wake up on my Birthday as a completely new person, I still have a long way to go before I am a ‘proper’ grown-up, and besides, there isn’t even an exact point where you become one of those, but turning 18 is still quite a big deal for me.
For starters, there are things you can do as an adult that will come into force as being different from my Birthday. Some people get very excited about being free and independent, that their parents can no longer tell them what to do. But my parents have never been the type to try and control what I do, and I’m sure I will rely on their help and advice for many years yet, so this is not a consideration for me. Similarly, I’m not aware of any ’18’ certificate films which I’m desperate to go to (I mean, the last film I saw in the cinema was Cinderella with my mum and sister last night), and I’m not going to start getting smashed in the pub every night or going to night clubs just because I can (although it will be easier, if more expensive, to be able to buy my own alcohol when I do want it), but the one thing which really does excite me if being able to vote, and luckily my Birthday is just a few weeks before the general election, so I will be voting in that.
However, I am not actually looking forward to becoming an adult. I’ve always hated growing up and change, such as going from Primary to High School, and I think it was just before my 14th Birthday that I first really didn’t want to be another year older. This has been even more reinforced by my best friend dying, as every Birthday I have is one she never will, today should actually have been her 18th, so it feels wrong that I will be doing it soon without her.
I am not ready to leave behind my childhood and all it entailed; to leave college; to move away from my home, friends and parents; to start university; and to take on the responsibilities of the adult world. It is a long journey I know, and maybe by the time all these things happen I will feel ready. But my Birthday is the start of all of these changes and I am terrified.
That being said, there is nothing I can do about any of this. As much as we may want to sometimes, we can’t pause or rewind time, and real life must go on. I figure that in situations like this we can either hide away, or just accept that it has to happen, and take it as an excuse to party. I intend to do the latter.

As the days move so slowly but the years they fly by, there are moments that each of us would like to rewind, but all the hours of reflection on the passage of time, taught us there is so much more to life than meets the eye. ~ Ron Pope, Philadelphia

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I’m Ill

Since about Sunday I’ve not been feeling well. I have a sore throat/cold which is making me feel generally under the weather,  I have a suspected ingrown toenail (I know, sounds disgusting) which has had me in a lot of pain, especially when doing a lot of walking (or running for the bus like yesterday afternoon), then just to top it all off I have period cramps coming on (I know, TMI). So after struggling through two days of college I decided to have my first – and hopefully only – sick day in the whole two years of college. Wednesday is only a half day, so technically as I’m writing this I’m no longer on a day off, but my sister has banned me from doing college work until I’m feeling better.
As mentioned, it’s a while since I’ve had a day off ill, but I have had a few at primary and high school, so I know some things that can make being ill bearable, and sometimes even fun!
I normally have the lemon and honey Strepsils, but on Monday I discovered that the orange ones are very nice (blues are horrible though). However they are very expensive – it was £2.29 for a pack of 8! – so I don’t want to use them up too fast, so I made myself some orange and lemon ice cubes. I just poured orange juice into and ice cube tray and added some lemon juice, then I suck on them once they’re frozen. Actually very soothing. And of course orange juice (or lemonade, but you don’t get so much vitamin C) in general helps you fight off a cold. My Nana swears by a drink of hot Marmite (Marmite mixed with boiling water) to sooth a sore throat. I’ve never actually tried that, but Marmite on toast was always my poorly food when I was younger.
I actually get quite annoyed and frustrated when I’m too ill to do my work, and I always want to be doing something, so I find it useful to have things to do which require minimum effort (I do feel like I’m rather exerting myself by typing all of this). I watch films, often Harry Potter – my sister and I watched the fifth one today and had a good time pointing out all its flaws. I have also today been making pompoms, as I’m making a pompom rug, which I might make a whole post on if I get round to it.
Finally, the thing which helps most when you’re ill is to have supportive people around you. Like my boyfriend giving me hugs, my friend helping me survive yesterday’s maths lesson period 5, my sister who I’ve already mentioned, and my Dad who’s just around and saved me the last crumpet. So if someone you know is ill, try to look after them, because then they’ll hopefully do the same to you when you really need it.

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Not so long ago I was thinking about things which I used to be so passionate about, or spend a lot of time on, that I don’t seem to have time for any more.
But this week two things have happened which have reminded me of how it feels to be completely gripped or hooked by something, a feeling which I was worried I’d lost.
So I’m taking a quick moment to appreciate the book Billy and me by Giovanna Fletcher which has confirmed that I can still get into a book for pleasure, and finish it within two days, and the song Philadelphia which reminded me that when I find a song like this I can just listen to it on repeat and not get bored.
So if I were you I’d check these out because they’re both awesome, but also remember to be passionate about things 🙂 Have a nice week