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I May Have To Leave You

Anyone who is a regular reader of this blog (if there are any) may have noticed that my Why I Love December post was almost a month late. I was a little late on it anyway, having been away at the end of December, but then I’ve been having internet problems for the past few weeks which has meant I couldn’t get on internet on my laptop, so couldn’t post anything long. I shall carry on with my months posts, and try to get them done on time. However I am in the run up to my A-Levels, and currently don’t do much other than study (which my sisters keep telling me off for, but have still found time to go to a party every Saturday night so far this year), so don’t expect to hear much from me now until the end of June, when I will be free for a lovely long summer, hopefully with plenty of writing time.

If you find you are missing my posts on positivity, here are a few of the blogs which I like (but don’t always have time to read) which you could have a look at:

Until then, I will just say i hope you are having a very happy and positive life.


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Why I love December


I suppose it’s no surprise that most of the things I love about December are the things to do with Christmas, but that’s not all there is to the month. I love opening my advent calendar and eating a chocolate every afternoon when I get home from college. I love the magic of that first morning when I leave the house and all the cars and rooftops are sparkling with frost, then later when the first snow of the winter falls. This year we had a lot of snow towards the end of December, but my family missed most of it by going south in between it falling and thawing. I love seeing the sunrise and sunset from the bus some days.
I love the Panto performances, despite the intense tiredness, and I very when I came off stage on the last night and realised I won’t be doing it for at least the next four years, if ever. But there’s not long to relax, because straight after that the Christmas Concerts and Carol Services start. Again it’s strange doing some of these annual things knowing it’s the last time, but I’m sure I’ll always have concerts to do around Christmas. I was one of the people singing a solo verse in our college Carol Service, which I was terrified about, but it was a great experience and I was so glad I did it.
I love it when Christmas lights start appearing on the streets, and decorating the house. I love seeing strangers wearing Christmas jumpers, and my own collection of Christmas hats and socks. I love buying and wrapping – I really love wrapping – presents, and Christmas music, and just the general feeling of good cheer which is around at this time of year.
Then of course there are more of these college traditions which I’ve only had now twice, but I’ll still miss. Christmas Jumper day with musical chairs, and then the Language Department Cake Day, which does what is says on the tin. All Language lessons are canceled and instead we bring in cake and eat loads.
And I love Christmas itself, seeing all the family, Christmas Church, opening presents, all the silliness which doesn’t seem so stupid for one or two days.
Sometimes the days between Christmas and New Year can seem to drag a bit, but this year we did something a bit special. My Nana turned 80 in October, and her one wish was that her entire family spend some time all together, so after Christmas we hired a house in Devon where some of us stayed, near where the rest of the family lives. Unfortunately one of my cousins and her husband couldn’t be there because of work, but it really was a fantastic couple of days.
Then we were back in time for New Year’s Eve and the New Year Ceilidh, which I have been to for a large proportion of my years, and is always a perfect end to the year.

My song for December is Peppermint Winter by Owl City, which I’d say is fairly self explanatory.

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Why you should always try

Yesterday I found out that I’d been rejected by my first choice university (well, they say ‘you’re application has been unsuccessful’, but we all know what that means). My family were out when I found out, but they came back with sweets and Jaffa cakes to cheer me up, and we got take out pizza for tea. But I’m fairly sure if I’d got an offer yesterday they would’ve given me sweets or chocolate and got a nice meal to celebrate. And in fact one of my friends, when she found out I’d be getting the letter this weekend, said she’d buy be good either way. So the moral of the story is that you should always try, aim for the top university, do the music exams, try out for the sport competition, whatever it is, aim for the top. Because whether you’re successful or not you get food. If you don’t try, you don’t get the food.