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Wow, three posts in two days, I’m on a roll 😉
So I just wanted to share something that happened today which made me very happy. On Mondays I have German second period, and the boy I sit next to goes home after that because he has no more lessons, so he’s always teasing me about how I have to stay in college and he’ll be home six hours before I am. Today he was telling me about how he was going to make pancakes for lunch, so I jokingly asked whether he wanted to make me one and bring it back to college, to which he responded ‘well, I am coming back into Town later, I suppose I could’ I obviously didn’t really think he was serious about this, but in the afternoon, after texting him a bit about how his pancakes were going, he said he had some spare pancakes and asked me where I would be at the end of the day. I told him, and sure enough when i got out of my last lesson, there he was with a spoon and a little plastic box containing two pancakes and lots of runny syrup. So then of course I got to the bus station with my pancakes to eat on the bus, and my friends now think we like each other, but the pancakes were delicious. And I just thought this was such a nice thing for this friend to do. We’re not actually even that close friends, it’s only recently I’ve been speaking to him outside lessons, but I did try to offer some support with some tricky things which have happened to him lately. And honestly, I can’t imagine any of the friends I’ve had for years doing something like this. Because this isn’t one of those things that’s no effort to do but makes other people happy. Sure, it probably wasn’t too much hard work, but he made the extra pancakes, put them in the box, walked further up the hill then up two flights of stairs more than he had to. He strikes me as just being that sort of person, but I really don’t know how to say thank you enough for this kind act. And I know I am no longer doing my #100HappyDays, but if I were, this would definitely be my picture for today:


And finally, I was interested today to learn that in correct English, one should never use a preposition to end a sentence with. 10 points to anyone who just got my joke

Have a great day 🙂


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The Liebster Award

Liebster Award

I have been nominated to do the Liebster Award by dontburstmybubble, who is a great blogger (and a lovely person), so definitely check that blog out 🙂

The rules are:
1. Post the award on your blog
2. Thank the blogger who presented you with the award and link back to their blog
3. Write 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 500 followers.
5. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.

Unfortunatly I don’t have much time for reading other people’s blogs at the moment, and I’ve been unable to find 11 bloggers to nominate. So I’m going to answer my questions, then I’m going to nominate anyone who reads this to go to the WordPress reader, find a random blog post and read it. You never know what you might find 🙂 (and if anyone wants to do some shameless self-advertising, put a link to your blog in the comments and I will look at them when I can)

11 random facts:
1. I have a bit of an obsession with Birthdays. I always remember the dates of people’s Birthdays, and I try and do something for them, whether it’s buying or making a present, baking a cake, giving them a card, singing Happy Birthday or just writing a Facebook message, I don’t ignore Birthdays.
2. I cry A LOT. For a range of reasons, some more understandable than others, but most people I know and some I don’t have seen me cry.
3. I own a bow and arrows. I did archery for a few years with my Dad, and wish I still did, we just didn’t have time to go to the club often enough to improve much. Still got the bow and arrows under Dad’s bed though, so don’t try robbing our house!
4. I have been making jewellery for a few years, and some of my close friends and family have bought some pieces, but I’m just starting to try selling more widely.
5. It annoys me greatly that the spell-checker on here uses US-English, so keeps telling me I’ve spelt words like favourite wrong.
6. If I’m carrying my cello (or sometimes other inanimate objects) and something hits it, I will automatically say ouch. Even though I can’t feel it.
7. In my room I’m constantly randomly dropping my phone and iPod. It’s not even like I’m clumsy, they just fall out of  my hand.
8. I like to leave Hopeful notes around when I go places (inspirational quotes or messages on a post-it note, stuck in public places).
9. One of the best weeks of my life was a trip to Salzburg with my school orchestra. We traveled by coach so spent more time sitting on this falling apart double decker coach than everything else we did on the trip put together. But it’s a beautiful place, I made loads of friends and I loved it.
10. I’m a Chritian, which I don’t think I’ve mentioned before on here. I’m not one of those horrible, anti-gay, anti-anything that’s not themselves though, before anyone jumps to conclusions.
11. My favourite animals are cats, because they’re cute and cuddly, ducks because they’re just awesome, and Highland Cows because when I had a fringe over my eyes my sister said I looked like one.

11 questions from Don’t Burst My Bubble:
1.Where is the one place you want to go? – Well one of the top places I’ve wanted to go to for a while is Norway, and I am going there next summer 🙂 There are pleanty of other places I want to visit too though, so ask me again next year 😛
2.How do you define love? – Love is being with someone who changes you and you realise that this is the you you were always meant to be.
3.What’s your favourite thing about blogging? – The chance to actually do something with all the things in my head where they might be seen.
4.What’s your favourite shop? – Well I buy most of my clothes from New Look…other than that I love vintage and craft type shops.
5.Who’s your fictional crush and why? – Ahh, so many, where to begin?!? Ok, so most of them are fairly obvious (Finnik, Flynn Rider, the main male in any Eva Ibbotson book), so I’ll just go for the most unusual…I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Percy Weasley. yes, yes, I know, boring, pretentious family-deserter, but I reckon there’s more to him than that, I’d like to get to know him better.
6.If you could be a Disney princess or prince who would it be? – Hmm…Maybe Merida, since I’m ginger, would love to live in Celtic Scotland, and the archery thing. But then she doesn’t get a Prince, Rapunzel gets Flynn…and she’s German which is just as cool…I can’t decide.
7.What are three things you like about yourself? – I go out of my way to look after people, I always smile and try to make people happy, and I’m pretty clever.
8.If you could have one magic power would it be? – Either to be able to apparate (or fly very fast so I still get the views) or control the weather and elements.
9.Where are you happiest? – I don’t find place affects my happiness much compared to other things, but in the spirit of answering the question I’ll say the place in Scotland where I go on my summer holiday.
10.What do you want to do with your life? – AHHHH!! No. Why would you ask such a question!?! Ok, I’ve calmed down now. I’m currently very stressed about the fact that I have to submit my uni application in 9 days, I can’t really think beyond that right now. But I’m applying to do German and Russian unless I have a mental collapse in the next week.
11.What’s your favourite quote? – Again, so many to choose from. I think I’m going to go for:

Today I’m happy for I have no reason not to be

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To my former friend

To my ex-friend
I’d like to say you know who you are, but even in the unlikely event you ever read this, the even unlikelier event that you know I wrote it, you still probably have no idea how much I still dislike you. Or why. But you’re about to find out. I don’t know if this has ever happened to any one else, or if it’s just me, but I just suddenly remembered something you said to me, and realised quite what the implications were, and I am furious. But I can’t confront you, this was months ago, you will have forgotten, and everyone would take your side and make me look like the villain once again. But I don’t like how angry this is still making me, or how hard it is to forgive you, and I need to get these feelings out somehow. Maybe one day you will read it. Or maybe someone else will read this and realise it could easily be about them. Or maybe not. But this is for me.
When people ask me why I don’t like having to be ‘friends’ with you, my response varies. Sometimes I just shrug and point out that you’re you, that’s often enough of an explanation. Or I talk about how rude and creepy and completely insensitive you are. The way I thought we were friends before realising you never cared about me, you just wanted any girl who might have you. The time when you asked out me and at least two of our other friends by sending the same text to multiple recipiants. How all you’ve done since I said no is insult me. But one thing I’ve never mentioned, the thing I remembered today, happened last year. A group of us were sat at a table in the college hall, some new friends, some others from high school. And you tried to start a discussion about your opinion that the NHS shouldn’t offer treatment for depression because ‘it’s natural selection’ and ‘if they die they can’t pass it on to children’. Might I just remind you of two of the girls you’d ‘been in love with’ in the year or so before then. The one who at that time was in hospital again fighting mental illness. And the one who had died the year before due to depression. As if having this discussion wasn’t bad enough, you then turned to me and asked for my opinion. You basically asked for my thoughts on the idea that my best friend had deserved to die. That we shouldn’t have even tried to help her. You must have known how I would feel about this, but you didn’t care. You sat there with that smug smile, just waiting for a reaction. I knew that’s what you wanted and I ignored you. Also because my boyfriend always got annoyed with me when I argued with you, and I tend to automatically avoid confrontation. But that means I’ve had to keep the anger inside all this time. And I still have to spend so much time around you and our other friends don’t get what my problem is.
Maybe one day you will read it. Or maybe someone else will read this and realise it could easily be about them. Or maybe not. But I needed to write that down. To imagine I’m shouting it at you. So hopefully I can move on.
And just in case you’ve somehow one day read all of this and not realised it’s to you, or who I am, the first year you knew me you thought I was called Chloe. I wish you’d never got to know me better than that.

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A short opinion on Scottish Independence.

I think most people probably know by now that on the 18th September there is going to be a referendum on Scottish Independence from the UK, and most people are probably sick and tired of hearing everyone’s opinion, but I really would like to just contribute my thoughts on the matter.
As you may be aware from my other blogs, although I live in England, Scotland is a very important place for me. My family have been holidaying in Scotland every year since my Grandparents were first married and my two sisters study at Scottish Universities. But I also love parts of England. But above all I love the United Kingdom. I consider myself very definitely to be British, not English, and whatever happens I think I always will.
For various emotional reasons I want Scotland to stay with us, but I also think that logically a No vote will be the best. People in Scotland don’t like the UK government, but neither do a lot of people in the rest of the UK. Yes, it isn’t likely to change much at the next election, but I think we will have a Labour government sooner if we are together, than Scotland would be able to rejoin the UK after a Yes vote (should they ever want/need to). By becoming independent, Scotland may be able to change some things at home, for instance removing the nuclear weapons, but they will just be moved over the border to England, and again, it’s not only people in Scotland who want that. Surely it would be better to stay part of a country which has some international power, to have the chance of affecting the world rather than just a tiny corner of a tiny island. There are so many reasons why the UK is better for Scotland and the other parts of it, but I don’t want to make this too long, and other people have discussed it to death.
One thing which worries me however, which i haven’t actually heard anywhere other than in my own home, is that the vote is just being done on the basis of a majority. The opinion pols are so close, and it seems wrong that just 1 or 2% difference may be all it takes to make such a huge change to the country. This isn’t just the next four years, and it seems to me that Scotland needs to be sure before going independent.
I really did want to make this short, so I’m just going to leave it with a quote from an extremely wise (and fictional) man, which I fully agree with and I think is completely relevant here:

We are only as strong as we are united, and weak as we are divided. ~ Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

We live in worrying times, and humans are better when we work together, so lets not create unnecessary divides.

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#100HappyDays: The Highlights

As promised, some of the photos from my #100HappyDays Challenge. These aren’t necessarily my favourite photos, but they’re ones which a) I don’t mind sharing with the internet because they don’t have any people or personal things one, and b) have a bit of a story to them.

Day 22. This is some pretty fabric and ribbon which I bought to make into a dress. Day 54 was a photo of me wearing the dress which I made from it, which was the first dress I’ve ever made (I made a top earlier in the year) and it’s actually good enough to wear, so I was very proud of my achievement.

Day 26. I bought this ukulele on that day. It’s just a cheap one, but I like playing it (Day 58 is me sitting on my windowsill playing it). I chose a red one because red is my favourite colour and it goes with my room colour scheme. And I’m one of those people who names my instruments, so she is called Sally. If anyone was wondering, my cello is called Lily and my clarinet is Harry (but he hasn’t met the ukulele yet).

Day 27. Walking home from the bus stop, the sun was shining, I took this photo just to show what beautiful weather we were having at the time. I generally don’t cope very well in heat and sun (see my Happy Cafe post) but at the beginning of this summer we had weeks of warm weather, where it was always sunny and I could go outside in just a dress or shorts, and it made me really happy.

Day 28. I was looking through various amusing Harry Potter related images, and for some reason this just really made me laugh. It was pretty close between this one and a picture of Mrs Weasley running along Platform 9 3/4 holding Scabbers, with the caption ‘Ron! Don’t forget the man who murdered your best friend’s parents!’

Day 28. Les Misérables 25th Anniversary concert. Ramin Karimloo. What’s not to love?

Day 53. I saw this sign in the shop Evolution and I really liked the quote. I think it’s true, things don’t just magically happen perfectly, you need to make your own happiness amongst whatever is happening, and I think we all need to remember that.

Day 72. On our way to where we were going on holiday in Scotland, we decided to take a detour up the Bealach na Bà, which is a very steep, windy and high up road. This photos doesn’t really do justice to the sharp corners and sheer drops along there. I’m not sure I will ever be brave enough to drive it, I was terrified just being a passenger, especially when we met cars coming the other way and had to reverse into the side of the road. But my Dad did a great job, we all survived, and it was also very exhilarating. Also the views were incredible.

Day 79. My friend sent me this link to this video, which as you can see he was very excited about. And for good reason, because yes, what you’re thinking is right, this is Captain Jack Harkness (well, John Barrowman) singing The Wizard and I from Wicked, but with a Doctor Who twist! I got this while on holiday so I sat in the Leisure Centre (only place to access internet) smiling to myself as I listened to it.

Day 91. I love musicals, and have been lucky enough to see several in the West End – I have relatives in London so whenever I visit I try to get some cheap theater tickets. I especially like the ones by Schönberg and Boublil, I’ve seen Les Mis three times, and this summer I was very excited to finally be able to see Miss Saigon, which only came back to the West End in May. It was just so amazing, I could probably write a whole post just about how great it is seeing shows live. In fact I might do that at some point.

Day 95. I was feeling a bit under the weather on this day, and i really had a craving for freshly baked buns (Cupcakes/muffins for any non-Northern folk). So I baked some buns, and because I felt like it I made them pink, then decorated them with glittery icing. This had the added advantage that my Dad was reluctant to eat such girly buns so it was all the more for the rest of us.

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#100HappyDays: The End

As you may have read in some of my previous blog posts, for the past 3 and a bit months I have been doing the #100HappyDays Challenge. Well the day before yesterday was my 100th day, so i have now finished!! (Cue party poppers and balloons).
As soon as I can I will be making another post with a selection of my happy photos, because I ended up not doing very many while I was going along, but for now I’ll stick with writing.
I feel such a sense of achievement that I’ve actually managed to complete this challenge. I didn’t send all the photos on the day they were taken as I was without internet for some periods, and there was one photo which I slightly cheated on by using it for a different day than it was taken on. That was a picture from my holiday ion Scotland, when I did similar things every day, and took photos every day, but I ended up with open day when none of the photos were that good, so I used a photo of a Cluedo game, because there had been several days when i wanted to use a picture of Cluedo but then had a better photo. However I still think I’ve done well to do a full 100 days finding something which made me happy each day.
It definitely wasn’t easy; on some days I had loads of photos to choose from, other days it was hard to take one. And some times i didn’t manage to take a photo of something I wanted to, for instance it would be a bit awkward to whip my camera out in the middle of a particularly enjoyable Maths lesson, and you can’t take photos in a swimming pool.
There are probably three main effects I’ve noticed from doing this. Firstly, I’ve got really into taking photographs of EVERYTHING. Because I had to take my camera with me all the time I got really into using it whenever something caught my eye, which is good because I always like having photographs, and preserving moments and memories. So what’s slightly unfortunate is that my camera broke in Scotland (third one to break there in four years). I’m torn between buying a quite good one, which would be useful for my Art work, or getting a smaller, cheaper one that fits in my pocket and won’t matter too much if it breaks.
The second effect is that I really did start to notice little things that make me happy. That’s obvious, cliched, but true. Unless you try this you can’t realise just how much of a difference it made.
The third thing was slightly more unexpected. Every day I was doing the challenge, I knew I had to have a photo of something that ,made me smile. Because of this obligation, there were some days when I had to think what can I take a picture of, what can make me happy? And then I’d have to do something which made me happy, just so I could have a photo.
So from now on, I won’t be taking a photo every day, but when something randomly makes me smile I will take a picture of it, and keep a folder of happy things which I can look at whenever I need to. And when I’m having a day when I feel like nothing has really made me happy, I will make an effort to do something, which will hopefully result in me being happy more of the time.
So that’s it for today, I’m back at College now but I’ll still try and post as frequently as possible. I leave you with a quote which I think really sums up the #100HappyDays Challenge:

Everyday may not be good, but there is some good in every day.