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4 Books and a Film

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I love reading, and I’m quite a fast reader which can be annoying, as it means I rarely have new books so instead keep re-reading. However over the past few months I have read quite a few books, so I thought I’d write a bit about some of them which have particularly made me think. These aren’t full reviews, and I shall try to avoid spoilers, so if they sound interesting then definately check them out. (I’ve put age and gender suggestions, but these are just my rough guesses, don’t let that stop you if you like the sound of them).

  • The Life Boat, Charlotte Rogan – I found this in my sister’s room when I had nothing to read an liked the cover of it. This is a story set on an over-full, abandoned lifeboat in the aftermath of a shipwreck. Considering almost the whole book is set on a small boat  with about 30 people on, and not that much actual action, it is fairly fast-paced and exciting, impossible to put down. This book really made me question what I’d do in that situation, would I let others die, or kill, in order to save myself? Would I really be able to sacrafice myself to save some strangers? Would I even have the physical and emotional strength to survive the ordeal? This book is definately worth a read for late teen/adult of either gender.
  • The Declartion, Gemma Malley – This is another really thought-provoking book, although more about society rather than individual. It was recommended and lent to me by one of my friends a while ago. I don’t want to say too much what it’s about because I like the way it’s gradually explained in the book, but it puts an interesting perspective on the potential consequences of improvements in medical care, and it’s something I’d been thinking about for a while anyway. In terms of the plot there are some weaknesses; it feels a bit like the ending is all rather rushed and squashed, and I’m not sure I’ll be reading all the rest of the series, but these story-line flaws are made up for by how well the issues in the book are explored. My main problem with this book is that the edition I had has a very prettily patterend pink cover, but it’s not at all a ‘girly’ book, so guys, please don’t be put off by that.
  • Hector and the Search for Happiness, François Lelord – Another one I borrowed/took from my sister. This is slightly strange book, a cross between a novel and self-help book, but I think it’s obvious from the title why I wanted to read it. It’s written very well, managing to be naïve and simple without being patronising, and it has some really good lessons in there. Probably more of an adult book, maybe 17 and upwards, but a good read not just for people who want the therapist side of it.
  • What I Was, Meg Rosoff – I have no idea where this book came from, but it was lying around in my kitchen for a while with no one claiming it, so I thought it would be rude not to give it a read. It’s a story about a boy in the 1960s starting his third private boarding school, and the adventure he has there. It’s a fairly gentle story line, but when I finished it I just wanted to read it all again to see how I could have been so wrong about what was going to happen in it. The very ending disappointed me somewhat, but I enjoyed it over all. The only other thing I have to say about it is that if, like me, you’re a girl who tends to fall in love with boys in books, this one will really mess with your head. I can imagine only certain people will enjoy this book, but in terms of age and gender I’d say it could be appreciated by anyone from the age of 13/14 to old aged (we think the book may have been left by my 80 year old Nana).


Finally, this morning I watched a German film called ,,Der Ganz Grosse Traum”. From my previous depressing experiances of German films I wasn’t expecting much, but I loved it! It’s loosly based on the true story of a teacher who first brought football to Germany in the late 19th Centuary, but it’s not just a film about football, it has humour, romance, drama etc. I didn’t fully understand everything, as there weren’t English subtitles, but if you understand German or can find it in English – I think the English version is called Lessons From a Dream – then I would definately recommend it. This picture of it was my #100HappyDays picture for today – day 57 already!


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