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A Month and a Quarter

Today is a reasonably significant day for me internet-wise.

It was one month ago today that I started this blog, and I’m definitely enjoying it. I’ve enjoyed writing what I want to write, and I have a list of ideas for posts which I haven’t got round to writing yet. But I have slightly mixed feelings about the success of this blog. On the one hand I had been prepared for no one reading it ever, so the fact that people have, and I’ve gained followers is a very pleasant surprise, so thank you anyone who’s ever read anything I’ve written on here 🙂 On the other hand, if I’m completely honest, there’s a part of me that wishes I’d had more views, comments and likes (having said that, I never comment or like other people’s posts which I read, so I can’t really complain). However, I started this for me, and it will probably be nice to look back at in the future, maybe show my children (Hi to my future family if you ever read this 🙂 ), so I am definitely glad I started it and I shall continue writing. Anyone else reading and enjoying it is an added bonus 🙂


The second occasion which today marks is the quarter-way point for my #100HappyDays challenge. My photo today was this heart-shaped petal I passed on the pavement this morning on the way to the bus stop. It’s not a very good photograph as I forgot my camera so had to use my phone, but I still thought it was nice. I must confess there have been some days when I’ve struggled to find something to send in, either because I haven’t noticed anything which has made me happy, or because I’ve been unable to take a photograph of it (I fear the latter may happen more now I’m going back to college, can’t really take my camera out in lessons to take photos). I have managed to send in a photo for every day though, and i am enjoying the challenge.

I hope you’ve managed to be positive this Monday, bye for now 🙂


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Good Day

Hello there, I hope you’re having a lovely day. However, if you’re not, here are some random things which may hopefully improve it.

Fistly, I recently was sent a message by someone who had read this blog, saying how much she liked it. Obviously that made me happy, it’s nice to know that someone’s reading and enjoying this 🙂 I then read her blog, which has similarities to mine in terms of content, and I greatly enjoyed it, I was having a fairly dull day and reading her blog made me smile. If you want to read it, it is here (I don’t know the author personally, I’m not trying to promote a friend or gain anything, just want other people to have the opportunity to read it 🙂 )

I’m currently rather obsessed with the musician Ron Pope, who I just think is amazing. He has a song called ‘Good Day’, which is a nice song to listen to and I like the lyrics. When I first found it I listened to it a few times before college the next morning, and it put me in a good mood for the whole day, so I try to always listen to it or sing it to myself if I’m having a bad day. You can listen to it here.

A few years ago I started collecting quotes, and I have restarted this in the past few months. Quotes which inspire me, make me think, I can relate to, or simply make me laugh or smile. I always have these but rarely use them, so I am intending to use some in my blogs from now on. Kepping with the theme of having a good day Today I am happy, for I have no reason not to be.

Finally, I’ve wanted to learn guitar chords for years so that I could play and sing songs (much as I love my cello, it’s the wrong range for my voice :P), but I’ve always found it too hard. A few days ago I borrowed my sister’s Ukulele and I can already play quite a few songs just from about 6 simple chords.

So these are some things which have recently helped me turn bad or average days into good ones. I hope something in here may help you do the same 🙂

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Happy Cafe


Yesterday evening I came home from having a few days of holiday with two of my friends in Devon. I had a very good time, went to beaches, paddled in the sea, shopped, watched films, walked in the woods at night, generally had a laugh. The only real downside for me was getting severely sunburned on the back of my legs when my friends wanted to sun bathe, despite wearing suncream (I have very sensitive skin). Luckily that happened on our last day so it didn’t spoil the trip, but I’ve been in a lot of pain and it was tricky navigating all the stairs at college today…so the moral is, wear loads of suncream. Seriously. Even if you think you don’t need it. My friends wanted to tan so didn’t wear any but were still complaining of it hurting today.


I mainly just wanted to share these pictures of the outside of a café and some houses I saw in a place called Westward Ho!. The café looked fairly grotty, but it was called the Happy Cafe, which made me happy, and I used that for Day 20 of my 100HappyDays. And I just liked the colours of the houses. And what I also think is awesome is that Westward Ho! is actually called Westward Ho!. With the exclamation mark. All the signposts and busses say Westward Ho!, which is just thought was so cool.

Have a Happy Friday 🙂

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My perfect man?

In a recent chat with my very good friend, we spent a while discussing the various short-comings of my ex-boyfriend. Now this was, I think, a healthy thing for me to do; it helped me realise that our eventual break-up was fairly inevitable, and it is always nice to get these annoyances out, especially after putting up with them for so long. However, it is a rather negative thing to be doing, and is not very nice to say about someone who is now my friend. So I’ve turned this around to create a list of characteristics which I want my future (and I’m talking quite far into the future here) husband to have.
First though, three points about this list. 1. While it may be amusing to look back at this in the future, I realise some of these may change over the next few years. When I was about 13 I came up with the Four Factors for Fanciability (i.e. what made me likely to fancy someone) and they were, Fit, Funny, Friendly and has the same interests as me (it always bothered me that I couldn’t find a word for that beginning with ‘F’). 2. In this list I have not included things such as ‘Treats me well’ or ‘In love with each other’ or ‘makes me laugh’ or ‘want the same things for the future’. These things are important, but they’re taken as a given. And 3. This is not an exhaustive list and they are mainly things my ex would not have checked off.

So, I’m eventually looking for a man who:

  • Has some of the same beliefs as me, especially believing in souls an cares about helping people and the environment.
  • Wants to get married in a Church and have our children baptised.
  • Looks damn good in a suit.
  • Loves me for who I am and is tolerant enough that he wouldn’t be put off by things such as something I’d done in the past, if I was bisexual, if  I’d had a sex change (None of these actually apply to me, but if they did)
  • Understands and accepts my food issues.
  • Can sing well enough to fill in the male parts to all the musical theater duets I currently sing along. And can maybe play the piano parts as well.
  • I can be completely honest with about the fantasy world I live in inside my head.
  • Will never patronise me or make me feel inadequate.
  • Will only tell me I look good when I actually do.
  • Is genuinely interested in what I have to say and things I do, such as my art work.

And I should just end by reminding myself and anyone else that just because someone can check off your whole list doesn’t necessarily mean they are The One. One summer a friend and I were describing our perfect guys, and I realised that I had just described one of my male friends. I spent a few weeks thinking that I must like him because he was exactly what I wanted, but then I saw him again and knew that he wasn’t, and obviously I was in love with ex-boyfriend, who didn’t meet  all my criteria. There’s always something which cannot be defined or isolated, but it is that something which really determines whether or not you will fall in love with someone.

Whether or not I end up with someone who fits this list remains to be seen, but I remain optimistic that the perfect man for me will be out there somewhere, just like there will be someone for you too 🙂

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I hate change

I always get sad when things end or change. Leaving primary school, leaving high school, even just changing classes, leaving a holiday, clearing out old stuff, basically I never want things to stop. But then at the same time I like starting new things. A good example of this is me last summer, explaining to a friend that I couldn’t wait to start college. And I didn’t want to carry on going to school. But I didn’t want to leave school. College has so far been very enjoyable, but I still found myself today wishing I was in a high school RE or English lesson. I didn’t even like those subjects! I guess it’s understandable with something like that, even if you hate high school, it’s still the main part of your life for five years, there’s bound to be some nostalgia. But this is getting bad. Really bad. Over Easter some of my family went to stay where my Mum grew up, and we went to her old Church for the Easter service, and there was a woman there who was moving away so it was going to be her last service there. At the end she made a short speech and was obviously rather emotional about leaving, and I found myself close to tears! I’d never been to the church or met the woman before!
Now I admit that, especially that last example, this may just show how overly emotional I get about things (I cry all the time, usually over nothing), but I recently had a sudden realisation about my hatred of change and ending: I’d rather be sad that something is over because it made me happy, than happy it’s over because it made me sad. Yes, there were many boring or unpleasant parts of high school, but today I was remembering all the times we just watched films in RE, and glue stick wars, and the hilariously  crazy things my English teacher did, and the scariest teacher in the school singing Post Man Pat…
So I guess basically I’m saying that if you’re like me, constantly wishing things didn’t have to change, but at the same time wanting the new things, then it’s just a sign of how happy and full your life is. It’s a bit like the saying It’s better to have loved then lost, than never to have loved at all, which I completely agree with. And I hope now that I’ve realised this it will allow me to appreciate things more at the time, and accept that things have to end for new things to begin. Although I’m sure that won’t stop me from being very upset this time next year about leaving college.

On a different note, today is Day 11 of my 100 Happy Days, and I think it’s starting to have an effect. Here is my photo for today:
Some may say it’s sad that the happiest thing I could take a photo of all day was my lunch, but I think it’s great. I’d never before realised how a bagel and bag of crisps can bring a smile to my face, but I think I will appreciate my lunch a lot more now, knowing that it can brighten up an otherwise fairly dull day 🙂

So there’s some nice positivity, it is a Monday after all, hope you’re having a good day and well done if you’ve read this far, it means you actually got beyond the fact that I just posted a photo of my lunch on the internet 🙂