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An apology and confession; I’m not always right.

I want to apologise to two friends for every time you’ve said I’m always right. Yes, when this has happened I’m normally reassuring you that you won’t fail at everything. And yes, I’ve always admitted that I don’t know everything. But I’ve recently come to realise that over the years I’ve given you, and other friends, some advice and opinions about which I was just wrong. Sometimes you can like two guys at a time. You don’t have to know someone well to have feelings for them. You can’t stop your feelings just because he has a girlfriend. You may have been right not to tell your Mum about him. I can’t decide who would be a good boyfriend for you. Just because I was too young to be in love doesn’t mean you were. A few years age difference doesn’t really matter. You can be upset by a break up even if you wanted it.
It’s been wrong and naive of me to ever assume that I can say how you feel, that what’s true for me must be true for you, or that I can give clear-cut answers to your problems. I know now that only you can really know how you feel, it’s not for me to decide. And in many of these cases I now realise that my opinions actually stemmed from my own immaturity, that maybe you were actually ahead of me on what you’d learnt. I hope that now I’ve realised this I can continue to give you more cautious advice, and let you trust your own feelings and instincts more.


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100 Happy Days

So as you may have realised, if you’ve read any of my other posts, I’m always on the look out for ways to spread happiness, and I’ve just come across the website 100happydays. If you haven’t heard of it you can check out here, but the basic idea is that for 100 days in a row you take photos of something which made you happy, and either share them on a social media site or email them to an address given on the website. After 100 days, just over three months, you are hopefully happier in yourself, and better at appreciating the small things in life which can still make a big difference. I thought was a great idea, so I have signed up to do my 100 days, starting today and finishing, if my counting is correct, on 30th August. I decided to keep it a bit more private and not clog up my friends’ Facebook walls by sending the pictures via email, but I may share some of my favourite ones on this blog, with a . I’m determined to keep this up for the full 100 days and not be in the 71% who give up because they don’t have enough time, but the one thing which I foresee could be a problem is that several times over the next 100 days, I will be out of internet for a few days at a time, so I’m hoping sending a few days worth at once when I have access to a computer will work for those times.
So here’s my happy photo for today:

The weather today is awful, but when I just stepped outside to get to the green wheelie bin, I just looked at the trees across the road, with the rain and fresh air on my face and the sound of the rooks who nest there (my dad hates the sound, but I kind of like it), and i just smiled, so I grabbed my camera and took this. I know it’s not a particularly good photograph, and I have no idea what those white stick things are, but oh well.In fact, I’m going to go and have a look. *30 seconds later* Ahh, it’s the tips of the plants on our wall. Mystery solved.

Anyway, I’ll see how this project goes, but I think it’s a great idea, I’m always on the look out for new ways to be happy. If anyone else has done this or is going to, leave a comment to say how it’s going. So I hope you’re all having a Happy Friday, and for me that’s 1 down, 99 to go.

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Who wants to know about Psychology? NOT ME :)

There’s a Scouting For Girls song called A-Level Pain. It’s not an especially brilliant song in terms of deep and complex music or lyrics, but I think it does a pretty good job of summing up the thoughts of most sixth-formers, especially at this time of year. One line of it is Who wants to know about Psychology? Not me, not me, not me. I remember hearing that line last summer, when I was just about to start AS Psychology, and thinking Well, I do actually. I soon realised how wrong I was. Don’t get me wrong, I think Psychology is a very worthwhile subject, it’s just not for me. I feel kind of the same way about it as I did GCSE History; it’s interesting stuff to be told, vaguely useful to know in life, but not to really study.  Learning all the studies in great depth, all the writing about it, evaluating? Just no. So I am very happy to now be able to say that, after doing the second AS exam in it yesterday, I can now drop Psychology and never have to do it again.

There isn’t any deep thinking or message being this post, or really any meaning at all, just to say that it’s Wednesday, and I’m smiling because the sun’s out and i only have two exams left over the next two and a bit weeks. And they’re both Maths, is it just me or are Maths exams more enjoyable than any others. No…just me…thought so.


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Things I like

I like sunshine streaming through the window; lying on my bed with my back being gently warmed; or standing on a hill in the wind and rain, with my hair being swept into a mess. I like clouds lying in the valley like a blanket, or mist rising to reveal the views from a mountain top. I like the grace and beauty of rainbows; grass laced with frost; dew patterned spiders’ webs; crunchy Autumn leaves; the still, quietness of a snowy morning. I like the scent of vanilla and strawberries, burning incense and the sewing box that still smells like my Grandma’s house. Christmassy smells, like pine trees and candles and brewing mulled wine. Summer smells: bonfires, seaweed, freshly mown grass. In fact, I like Summer full stop. I like the long drive to Scotland; cool sand between my toes; jumping into the frigid sea; clambering over rocks; the taste of saltwater; the sound of rain on the caravan roof; playing cards; the exhilaration of zooming across the sea in – or behind! – the speed boat. I like mountains, Gaelic names, a sunset sky over a sparkling sea, and the multitudes of stars which follow. I like seals, gulls, sheep, heeland coos, and the Balchladich pig. I like going to the cafes; fish and chips; being bare foot; building a sand wall just to watch it be washed away; staying up late or being the first one on the beach in the morning. I like seeing friends after a long year apart, and knowing we’ll all be back again next year. I even like arriving back at an empty house in the dead of night, and our cat running down the road to welcome us home. And I like Christmas. Decorating and carolling; all the traditions; chocolates falling from the top of church; wrapping, giving and receiving presents; the easy joking of family get-togethers. Birthdays too, and not just my own. Parties, Gordon’s Cake, more presents. I like colours – bright crimson, the blue of a sky through sunglasses, shining grass green. I like pens, pencils, paints , folders, diaries, time-tables and calendars. I like books that make me laugh and cry, and films that do the same. I like sewing, drawing, making jewellery, painting. I like fabrics and ribbons, dresses and jeans, beads and bracelets, awesome socks and brand new tights, necklaces and rings. I like baking and icing, cooking and eating. Chocolate, toast, garlic bread, Sunday dinners, onion rings, sandwiches. I like weekends. I like cafes with Mum, bagels, dolly beads, Mozart’s 40th Symphony in G Major, shopping, relaxing, sitting in parks. I like ceilidhs where I dance the night away with everyone. I like days out, nights in, DVDs and too many sweets. Collapsing on my bed when I’m too tired to get in properly; the rare occasions when I wake up naturally and early. I like talking to friends about everything and nothing; old friends who know me better than I do; making new friends; the warmth and safety of hugs. And I love laughter. I like walking home from school: happy voices drifting on the wind; getting scared by cows; sweets, chocolate and not being polite; kicking puddles at friends and getting drenched in return; the annoyance of It Don’t Mean A Thing. I like being outside, sitting in long, tickly grass. I like birds singing I’m A Barbie Girl, rooks cawing, muddy feet. Secateurs, flowers, butterflies, picnics, swings. I like the village where I live, walking around hearing cheerful greetings from strangers, the woods and the hills. I like swimming, the peacefulness of being underwater, and running down the lanes. I absolutely love music. I like my ‘cello: resting my head on the smooth scroll; the familiarity of holding it close; the satisfying ache from playing it for too long. I like belting out songs from musicals when I’m home alone, going to concerts or shows. I like sheet music, Schönberg and Boublil, Wicked, Jenkins, Julian Lloyd-Webber, Scouting For Girls, Ron Pope, Elgar, folk music- especially from Scotland. I like all types of music really. Well, most. I like the wonderful feeling of playing in a group, however large or small. I like arguing with brass players about whose instrument is better, despite the fact that we will never agree. I like performing, whether it be music or acting, and the pride and relief when it gets to the bow. I like the words serendipity, egregious, scarper, non-too-shabby and dilapidated. I like German words like Zauber, entdecken, zwölf und Pflichtfächer. I like seeing my Dad in the garden after his bike ride, having a wardrobe and my own wellies and wetsuit. I like being nice and non violent, and making people smile. I like cats, sudokus, sequins, logic, understanding things, sleep, patterns, Harry Potter, being in love, camping, making dens. I like old, irreplaceable items and photos, which remind me of old, irreplaceable memories. But most of all, I like the moments, however long or fleeting, life-changing or insignificant, when I am happy. Don’t we all?

I’ve adapted and updated this from some English work I did a few years ago, when we were given the title What I Like. When I did the original, I started by just making endless lists of things I like, and I couldn’t believe the way something so simple made me so happy. I would advise anyone to grab a piece of paper and just scribble your own list whenever you have a spare moment; I just think it’s an amazingly happy thing for everyone to do.


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My First Blog

Wow, so this is my first blog post! I’ve been considering doing this for quite a while now, so today I’ve decided to just go for it, and I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t really know what I’m doing! I don’t know how people usually write these blogs, I’m finding this website a bit confusing to find my way around, and I’m not quite sure how any of this works. But today, as already said, I’m in the mood to just go for it, so now I’ll stop making such a bad first impression by talking about things I don’t understand, and introduce myself properly.

First of all my username, Be Nice It’s Tuesday. I generally try to be a positive person, and one Monday a couple of years ago I was so fed up (yes, I know, that’s not a positvie thing to say about people) with some of my friends spending the whole walk to school moaning about this or that and bringing everyone else down, that I decided it was going to be Positive Monday. So I spent the day telling people to be positive, and decided I quite enjoyed it, so during a less-than-riviting RE lesson, I came up with a whole week’s worth of good days; Positive Monday, Be Nice Tuesday, Smiley Wednesday, Chocolate Thursday, Happy Friday, Cheerful Saturday and Opptimistic Sunday. I had a few months of annoying my slightly more cynical and sarcastic friends with these before reducing my ‘helpful’ comments to just Be nice! and Violence is not the answer, and then I sort of gave up on those as well. But these are all messages which I strongly believe in, surely life would be better if peoplelet a little more niceness into their lives (as I type the word niceness I can feel the horror of every English teacher in the country, but I tink it is really the best word to sum up what I’m trying to say). I feel at this point before anyone starts making assumptions and gets, perhaps rightly, outraged, that I am in no way saying that being nice on Tuesdays would solve all the worlds problems or that the many people in the world who suffer from genuine hardship should just get over themselves and be more positive. I really think we should be doing more to help them, but I won’t get onto that now. I just think that we have two main options when it comes to living our lives, enjoy even the bad bits and brighten the world for other people, or complain about everything that isn’t perfect. I know which one I’d rather do, which one I try to do.

So really I’m writing this blog as a way for me to share some of my thoughts with anyone who reads it (if anyone does, I’m really not sure whether people are likely to) and to try and find positive lessons from my experiences and things I’ve learnt. Now I need to work out how to post this then go to bed. If you’ve read this and there is a way of leaving comments here (I hope there is, but that’s another thing I don’t know) then please leave a comment, and I’ll probably write something else soon.

Hope you all have a Cheerful Saturday 🙂